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The key to finding what you want for the ONE caddie

You can learn and know all things of the ONE caddie. (e.g. Installation, Sign up, Login, Payment, etc.)


How to Purchase?

Choose the plan with benefits you want most

(1-Day Membership vs. Monthly Subscription)

1-Day Membership : $0.99, 1,200원

Monthly Subscription : $1.99, 1,900원

ONE caddie, Cheaper than ONE Cup of Coffee!

Simple Installation the ONE caddie on your wearable device, That’s it!

Wow! Do know it support you play a golf with a free first month?

Launching Promotion, Enjoy One Free Month!

Well… if you use it and don't like it, you can cancel the subscription before the end of the first month. In other words, This is a Promotion that cannot be done without confidence with ONE caddie.

One Month FREE on us and Get Started!

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