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The key to finding what you want for the ONE caddie

You can learn and know all things of the ONE caddie. (e.g. Installation, Sign up, Login, Payment, etc.)


How to Install?

Search for ‘ONE caddie’ in the App Store or Google Play and Install it!

Then, both mobile and wearable app are installed at the same time.

Install succeed? Please follow the steps as the below to proceed.

step1. Create an account – Sign up

Please sing up for membership. In order to identify your purchase information, MUST sign up the GOLFBUDDY Membership. Easy to sign it up with email verification.

step2. Pairing Process

If you have completed the membership registration, please login at your smartphone app. Then, pairing your smartwatch with smartphone via Bluetooth. Between phone and wearable device are synced if ‘Pairing Successful’ is shown.

step3. One Month FREE on us and Get Started!

We want to help you play a golf with a free first month. By tapping ‘the Monthly Subscription’ you can enjoy 1-Month Free!

If you use it and don't like it, you can cancel the subscription before the end of the first month. Furthermore, if you cancel your subscription, and after the free trial ends, No Further Payments will be made.

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